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Today with great sadness, my wife and I said goodbye to our dear cat Percy.  He came into our lives around 1995-96.  My wife opened the door one day and there he was, a white cat with orange blotches, looking very dirty.  He was young, probably less than a year old.  He purred a lot, and Percy sounded like an appropriate name for him.   He had what we called a “rusty” purr. about a year ago, he had been diagnosed with a mass on his lung.  In the past week he had gotten noticeably worse, his breathing was congested.  He would barely eat. His eyes had a distant look. We had the euthanasia done at home.  I’m glad we did it this way, much less stress for our Percy. We will miss him always. He was so nice and gentle and loving.

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3 Kittens: Paloma and Tabitha Move to New Foster Parent

Today, Nancy came and took Paloma & Tabitha and handed them over to a foster parent.  We are keeping Contessa, the littlest one, who is also a long haired torty.  Contessa will lay on the bed for hours with J.

On 8/19/12 we gave the kitties Revolution.

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3 Kitties Spayed

Today we had the 3 kitties spayed.

The adult cat we trapped at the Oakwood yesterd (Monday) turned out to be neutered already.  We didn’t notice her ear tip until we got to the doctor.  We released her back at the Oakwood.

The gray tabby kitten turned out to be female.

It was a long, crazy day.  I’m looking forward to turning in early tonight.


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3 Little Kitties: Socializing

Jamie has been feeding the 3 little kitties baby food off her finger, to get them used to people.  These little kitties don’t act like kittens.  They don’t romp around and play chase each other.  They mostly sit, huddled up on the highest shelf in our cage, and cower when we come near.

To do my part, today, a Saturday, I fed them baby food off my finger.  That worked well.  After they had their fill, I decided to set up shop in the cage with them.  I brought in a chair and my netbook and that’s where I’m writing this entry from.  Its pretty quiet here in our backyard.

Jamie named the tiniest torty, the long hair one, Fuzzy Bones, because she is very skinny.  I thought I would help Fuzzy Bones, so I put on a big shirt and cinched a belt around it.  Then I put Fuzzy inside the shirt.  She’s all cuddled up against my body, not making a fuss and not meowing.  I hope this speeds up the socialization.


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Feeding Stations At Work

About a week ago, July 20th, I took J to where I work.  We hoped to catch a glimpse of the a couple of cats, that I had been putting food out for, but had never seen.  The guard on the graveyard shift, Wayne, told me he has seen two, big cats, in the parking lot, during his shift.

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3 Little Kittens

Saturday night, just before midnight, my wife J and I trapped 3 kittens at the Oakwood apartments.  We saw the mama cat, when we were driving back from the store, on Erwin Street.  We  pulled over to check her out and we saw that she had 3 kittens.

J put some dry food down and the kittens ate it, so she thought they were old enough to take from their mommy/.  Also, she was able to briefly touch one of the kittens, while it was eating.  We were hopeful that this indicated we could socialize them.

We went home and got our two traps and came back to the Oakwood.  We gained access to the parking lot by following a tenant inside.  We were lucky to find a vacant parking spot, close to where we wanted to place the traps.

We baited and set the traps and went back to the car.  We didn’t have to wait very long.  Within 10 minutes we had caught all 3 kittens.  One of our traps is big enough for a raccoon and 2 of the kitties went into it, at the same time.  The 3rd kitten was caught in the other trap.

Our house is 2 miles from the Oakwood, so it was a short drive home.  We have a walk in cage in our backyard and we prepared it for the kittens. We cleaned it out and put down food and water.  We first released the one kitten, in the trap by himself, into the cage.  He went nuts.  He trounced all over the food and water, and climbed up the wire mesh on the side of the cage and stayed there.

While he was playing Spiderman, we released the other two kittens into the cage.  They went nuts too, running through the food and water, and then climbed up the side of the cage.  We decided to leave them alone and went to 800 Degrees Pizza in Westwood and reflected on the situation.

J said the kittens are feral.  She felt a bit overwhelmed.  Originally she had hoped to put them up for adoption through Kitten Rescue, but now she was having second thoughts.  At the very least we will have them fixed and release them back where we found them.

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Feline Fibrosarcomas

  • Fibrosarcomas are common in the cat and comprise over 40% of all skin tumors in this species.
  • Because of the invasive nature of fibrosarcomas, the recurrence rate ranges from 30 to 70%, and metastasis occurs in approximately 10 to 20% of affected cats.
  • Currently, there is no successful treatment for fibrosarcoma in the cat.
  • Although surgery is the treatment of choice, complete excision often is difficult. Wide surgical excision extends the tumor-free interval and increases survival time.
  • Pre- or postoperative radiation therapy extends the median tumor-free time up to 422 days10 and may reduce the recurrence rate to 42% in cats with clean surgical margins.
  • In the study by Cohen et al, a recurrence rate of 41% after tumor excision, electron-beam radiation, and, in some cases, chemotherapy was documented. Chemotherapy regimens that have been investigated include doxorubicin12,13 and carboplatin.  Martano et al,  showed that the combination of surgery and doxorubicin does not increase the disease free interval or reduce tumor recurrence or the rate of metastasis.

Source: Adjuvant Immunotherapy of Feline Fibrosarcoma with Recombinant felinefibrosarcoma.1Feline Interferon-v

This study demonstrated a decrease in tumor recurrence rates from 61% (11 of 18 cats) in control animals (treated with surgery and iridium-based radiotherapy) to 39% (7 of 18) and 28% (5 of 18) in cats who received human or feline interleukin-2 in addition to surgery and iridium-based radiotherapy.

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my wife’s beloved flame point, Creamy, was diagnosed with cancer, fibrosacroma.   So far he has had 2 operations.  The first operation was to remove a tumor on his abdomen.  The pathology report cited the margins were clean, but too small.  A second operation was scheduled with Dr. Villalobos, to extend the site of the excision.  While at her office, scheduling the second surgery, we discovered two bumps on his left flank, on and near the site of a previous surgery, to close a bite wound that would not heal.

The second surgery was done and the 2 bumps on his flank, turned out to be fibrosarcoma, and the margins were not clean.  A third surgery for January 4th, 2012 is scheduled, to obtain wider margins.

We started chemotherapy on December 21st, 2011.  We are using carboplatin.  At the same time we have started him on Agaricus mushroom therapy.

He is such a beautiful and loving little boy, my heart is broken for him and my wife.

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Rusty Neutered on April 7th, 2010

Rusty was neutered on April 7th, 2010.  Sandra took him to Southern California Veterinary hospital in Woodland Hills and got it paid for by Kitten Rescue.  Mouse remembers how he paid $260 of his own money to have Tommy neutered, so he was quite appreciative of Sandra’s efforts.

Rusty is still recuperating in a walk in cage in Kat and Mouse’s back yard.  At night they bring him in and keep him in a double shelve,  Mid West cat cage in their kitchen.  Rusty was shaved by the Vet, because his mats were so bad.

Eventually, Rusty will go to Pet Smart and be put up for adoption via Kitten Rescue.  Kat and Mouse were at Pet Smart today and saw Sandra there.  She said within a couple weeks she will pick Rusty up and show him for adoption.

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Tommy Comes Home

After about 4 months since we had Tommy neutered (12/28/2009) and released (1/13/2010),  he showed up tonight at our house, just as we were pulling into the driveway.  Kat was ecstatic.  Several times a week Kat would ask mouse “where’s Tommy?”.  Mouse would always answer “around.”

Kat put some wet food out and some cat milk.  Tommy always loved the cat milk.  He ate some food and didn’t touch the milk.  He wandered off into the dark of the night.

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